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For various sectors, we offer pure customization in the well-known plastic PMMA. Also known to most people as acrylics or plexiglass. With 21% of our production for the Netherlands and Belgium, this material ranks second among the most-processed plastics. But why is this material so popular for processing and using it? This is because PMMA transmits 92% of the light and is 25 times stronger and more impact resistant than glass. This makes acrylics a very good glass substitute.

PMMA parts according to your specifications

Looking for a supplier that produces PMMA parts according to your specifications? DLF Plastics has extensive experience in laser cutting parts from PMMA. With our Anti-Vortex laser cutting technique, edges are cut extremely smoothly and accurately. Do you want to have one part, a 0-series or a large series produced? By effortlessly uploading a drawing, you will usually receive a free quote within 1 business day (which we can deliver within 4-7 days after approval). Want input on the production of plastic parts? Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to support you.
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Broad applicability

A PMMA sheet is easy to produce in all kinds of shapes and can be very nicely laser cut to a thickness of approx. 30mm. We can also supply customized acrylics in various thicknesses and in more than 125 colours. Due to this extensive range, the demand for PMMA is therefore very high in many industries such as the Advertising industry and Stand construction, and the applications are endless

What we make for our customers

- Boat windows
- Balcony glazing
- Door awnings
- Plastic wall panels
- Computer enclosure
- Light boxes
- Displays
- Display cabinets
- Logos and Signing

Advantages of PMMA

PMMA has many advantages for processing and use. Because acrylics can be easily cut into different shapes, it is extremely suitable in the advertising sector for creating logos, fa├žade lettering, displays and other types of signage, for example. An additional advantage is that laser cutting polishes the edges at the same time, so finishing is not necessary. Many advertising agencies and stand builders use this material.
Because it transmits 92% of light, is lightweight and weather-resistant, we often find plexiglass in various sectors where glazing offers the necessary screening and protection.

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