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We have years of experience in the laser cutting of plastics, both in the Netherlands and Belgium, and PP is also one of the plastics that we process. The explanation for this is simple: it is a versatile plastic that has good properties and is therefore applicable in many industries. PP is a thermoplastic, which means that it is bendable and deformable after heating. We often see this material in particular in the chemical sector because it is highly resistant to chemicals.

PP parts according to your specifications

Looking for a supplier that produces PP parts according to your specifications? DLF Plastics has extensive experience in laser cutting parts from PP. With our Anti-Vortex laser cutting technique, edges are cut extremely smoothly and accurately. Do you want to have one part, a 0-series or a large series produced? By effortlessly uploading a drawing, you will usually receive a free quote within 1 business day (which we can deliver within 4-7 days after approval). Want input on the production of plastic parts? Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to support you.
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Advantages of PP

This material is known for its low specific mass, making it easy to float. PP is also heat-resistant, bendable and formable, resistant to bacterial growth and chemicals. Due to these properties, PP is a very suitable material for, among other things, the food industry. Wondering if this material is the right choice for your product? Please contact us!

What you should know about PP

- Is strong, hard and tough
- Is particularly wear-resistant
- Maintains its colour
- Is not or hardly static
- Hardly absorbs any moisture
- Handles hinges exceptionally well

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