With our high-tech machines, we can process various plastics using various techniques. From cutting to engraving and marking. We also have the ability to finish (bending plastic, for example).

Laser Cutting

We cut plastics for various industries and sectors. What was previously done with a milling machine is today often done with a laser cutting machine. Laser cutting has a number of advantages compared to traditional milling. Of course, milling is still preferred in some cases, but there is a serious shift from traditional milling to laser cutting. We cut up to a maximum of 30mm-thick plastic. See the maximum thicknesses that we laser cut for your desired material.
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Laser Engraving

In addition to laser cutting, laser engraving is a process that we carry out daily. Laser engraving means that the upper layer of a material is removed, resulting in a deepening in the material. Depending on the type of material, we can adjust the depth precisely. With PE foam and Acrylics, for example, we can adjust the depth, almost continuously, from barely visible to nearly through the material. Here are various applications for the process. We serially engrave and cut PE foam for “Luxury Gift Card Holders” for a large online retailer. The technical plastics we supply, such as POM, are regularly provided with series and/or type numbers. Laser engraving is ideally suited for this. For series and type numbers in POM, we use what is called line engravings. Line engravings can be made very quickly and are therefore inexpensive, although the resolution of line engravings is low.

Laser Marking

In addition to laser cutting and laser engraving, we also do laser marking. Laser markings generally give the same result as laser engravings. The big difference is that no material is removed for marking. The surface structure is changed during marking, causing it to discolour. A marking is virtually imperceptible to the touch, while the information is clearly visible. Not all materials are suitable for laser markings. Contact us if you have any questions about markings.


Are you looking for customized plastic panels? DLF plastics sheet shop offers you the option of easily ordering custom-cut plastic. Simply choose the desired material, the desired dimensions, pay online and have it delivered to you free of charge. Choose from 100+ types of plastic, from advertising to technical plastics.

Thermal Bending

Most of the semi-finished products we produce are used for “flat applications”. For, among other things, the signing industry, mechanical engineering and stand construction, we regularly produce bent parts. For mechanical engineering, these are usually protective covers made of acrylics and polycarbonate. For stand construction, these are often “specials”, single pieces of mainly coloured acrylics. For the signing industry, these are mainly showcase and display parts.

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