Laser Marking

With laser marking, we ensure that a product is coded or labelled. This is done with the help of a laser beam that operates very accurately while preserving quality. This makes even the most delicate images, 1-point fonts and minuscule shapes clearly visible.
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Speed of laser marking

Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available on the market. As a result, we can work quickly and efficiently, but above all precisely. We can supply products for virtually any material desired.

The advantage of laser marking

A great advantage of laser marking is that the code is permanent on many types of materials. As a result, it cannot run or fade. The possibilities are endless: think of numbers, logos and data matrix codes.


There are many products on the market that contain information about a component by means of a code. We know these as bar or data matrix codes. Most component markings must also be easily partially electronically readable and have good durability. Our laser machines offer a solution

We often see this in the mechanical engineering, electronics, building materials, automotive and aviation industries, among others. But of course laser marking can also be used for name plates or decoration.

If you are in one of these industries and need coding, for example, or if you need a series of identical images, please contact us.

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